Vital Energy Flow 55 + 45 (Intermediate)

VITAL ENERGY FLOW is our flagship yoga flow class. Here you will practice classical yoga postures in the form of backbends, hip openers, twists, forward folds and leg balances. Striking an equilibrium between flowing movement and alignment, VEF is an energising class which will bring calm and balance. VEF is a headstand free class. If you’re into some upside down therapy, check out UPSIDE DOWN which starts in June. VEF 45 is the streamlined class for the time -conscious. (55 & 45 min class options)

Strong 45 (All Levels)

Strong 45 is not your average pump class. Based on the ethos of Quality of Exercise, Strong 45 is focused, self-observational weight training using kettle bells, resistance bands and dumbbells. Working on no more than 3-4 drills per session, the sets are interspersed with dynamic stretching to facilitate muscle relaxation enhancing strength gains and deeper, more successful contractions during TUT (time under tension). Strong 45 elevates kinesthetic awareness for all phases of movement (eccentric and concentric), alignment and emphasises breath patterns to support a more conscious approach towards your strength training progress. (45 mins)

Slow Stretch 55 (All Levels)

SLOW STRETCH 55 focuses on breath-work, fewer postures and longer holds to elevate mind-body connection. This is a prop-friendly, Chatturanga (yoga push up) and sweat-free yoga class designed to restore physically and mentally. The class offers immediate relief for tense shoulders, tight hip flexors and postural back pain. The class is perfect for recovery and for anyone looking for a slow, mindful stretch. SLOW STRETCH is suitable for those with limited yoga experience and for those who have done ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS classes and looking to transition into other yoga formats. (55 min class)

Absolute Beginners 55 (Novice)

If yoga scares you, this is the place to start! Learn the key postures of yoga within a small group environment. Here we will guide you slowly through fundamental yoga postures and demonstrate how you can move safely in and out of these postures using supportive breathing techniques. The tempo of the class is slow and we take the time to explain how you can use props such as yoga blocks and straps to enhance your practice enjoyment and progress. Learn from practice, demonstration and Q + A in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Mobility 2 Agility (Level 1: Mobility/Level 2: Agility)

Stretching a lot but still feeling stiff? The stiffness that you are feeling might be be caused by two things - limited articular range in your joints compounded by postural deficiencies resulting in weak and tight muscles.  M2A (mobility 2 agility) targets joint ROM (range of motion) and addresses common postural misalignments by activating key stabilising muscles. We do this through drills sympathetic to joint function where connective tissue surrounding targeted joints simultaneously benefit from nutrition as a result of specific movement patterns. M2A puts the lubrication back into your joints so that you can keep playing the sports you love and execute the daily activities of living with ease.   No yoga experience required and suited to those more comfortable with a functional style of stretching. 2 levels offered - check schedule for Level 1 Mobility & Level 2 Agility (55min class)

My(own)fascial Release 55 (All Levels)

Feeling knotty? In this class, your instructor will help you identify trigger points in your body and using props, guide you towards gently releasing these tension knots. Using a unique combination of breathing, relaxation and myofascial release techniques, MR 55 has the dual function of enhancing connective tissue health and improving interoceptive awareness for greater wellbeing.

Upside Down Yoga 75 (Novice) Starts in June

Familiar with yoga but uncertain about headstands and inversions? Beginners to inversions will appreciate this class, designed to prepare you physically and mentally to explore inversions (headstands, forearm balancing). The class features a solid warm up followed by a flow sequence and integrates the use of props. This hands-on class, has restricted numbers to ensure optimal student attention and accelerated progress. The longer class gives practitioners more time to explore and ease into an area of yoga asana that can potentially instill fear and anxiety for many. For those unfamiliar with yoga in general, we recommend our Absolute Beginners class (75 min class)