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Our classes range from classical yoga through to hybrid workouts aimed at building dynamic strength, flexibility, muscle tone and functional mobility.  The studio ethos is built upon Quality of Exercise for each and every unique Body with a view to finding balance in all aspects of our being.

Bespoke Online 50

Get a 50 min bespoke practice session designed specifically for you and your unique body and needs. This is a 1 on 1 process that will result in the production of a 50 min practice video that you will be able to access for up to 3 months.

Make Your Workout Work

Our On Demand library puts the power in your hands to tailor your workout according to your goals and time constraints. You can choose a Stage 1 warm - up and then pair it with a specific Stage 2 practice session from mobility through to strength work.

The Art of Binding in Yoga

Learn how to bind with ease in this 1`hr workshop on the 11th of June when we break down the Bird of Paradise Pose in the Asana Breakthrough Club. This workshop is included in the Gold Tier membership.

Hello! I am Ewa.

My name is Ewa Bigio and I am the founder and owner of Vital Energy Yoga Studio. I obtained my formal yoga qualifications from Sukha Yoga School in 2017. My interest in the field of movement mechanics led me to further studies with the National Posture Institute (US) in 2020 resulting in a Posture Specialist Certificate. My passion for the human anatomy in motion and how movement can be used as a tool for improving all dimensions of  wellbeing form the cornerstone of my teaching philosophy. In my learning journey I have embraced diverse yoga schools and health modalities; both modern and traditional, from the East and West. My liberal approach towards self - knowledge and education is reflected in the classes at Vital Energy Yoga Studio. The classes embody classical yoga pathways and modern exercise science principles. The classes reflect the fundamental principles and values which guide me as a teacher and my voracious hunger for self-improvement as a student of the movement discipline. Vital Energy Yoga Studio classes offer connection to the esoteric Self and solutions for physiological maladies experienced in modern society.

My prior escapades to owning a yoga studio include a corporate background in the law (Rudd Watts & Stone), real estate (Bayleys) and extensive experience in both for (award winning Smiley Film Sales Agency representing Oscar winning documentaries) and not for profit entities (DocEdge Film Festival) within the Arts sector. My understanding of the complexities of corporate burnout is from experience and my empathy for those who find themselves in a similar dilemma, high.

My other teaching assignment includes being on the permanent group class roster at Next Generation Club in Auckland (since 2018). Previous to Vital Energy Yoga Studio, I ran classes, workshops and courses at the Movement Lab, Bodyneed Studio and the Taiji Studio.  I look forward to sharing a more comprehensive vision of movement discipline perspectives through classes, programmes and education in this space.

Enquire about the spectrum of topics you could explore at your next workshop or corporate retreat or we can work together to create a specific programme to achieve your goals.

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I attended the recent Yoga Fundamentals 5 Week course [by Ewa Bigio] with my husband. I have practiced yoga on and off for about 10 years, in the last few years more in a haphazard fashion. Being in the nursing profession, I really loved the anatomy and physiology of the course that Ewa took us through. For me, it was really important to be able to visualise those muscles that you needed to relax, in addition to those that needed to be activated. Ewa has a vast knowledge of the practice of yoga but also of the human body. I really enjoyed every minute of the course and am so glad that we both did it together.

Gabrielle Lord
Nursing Director
ProCare Health Ltd

I have always wanted to learn and practice yoga but found the mainstream yoga classes daunting as they all seemed to know what they were doing, even the beginner classes. So when Ewa offered a small beginners class to teach us the basics and the correct techniques, I leapt at the opportunity. Ewa is a wonderful teacher. She is patient and takes care to make sure we are using the correct techniques. I have come to understand the names of the poses, the proper techniques and foundations of yoga. This has made it so much more enjoyable and I’ve found my flexibility and strength greatly improved. I also believe it’s helped me get better sleep and given me great stress reduction techniques. I now feel confident that I could attend a mainstream yoga class and follow the instruction without causing harm to myself. However I am continuing with Ewa as I prefer the smaller classes and the attention she gives all the individuals.

Marisa Fong
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