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Newmarket's latest yoga studio has received over 160 x 5 star ratings in just 70 days of having opened its doors!
Come and experience the difference for yourself.
Applications now open for YTT200 May 2 intake

Get Strong Fast Programme

Our Get Strong Fast Programme is high value training at an all time low price! Get a combo of 20 x Strong45 + Core Benefits45 classes for $199. Train intrinsic + extrinsic layers of the muscular anatomy in typical VE alignment and technique driven style.

YTT 200 Training Now

We are extremely excited to announce the opening of our Yoga Teacher's Training School from May 2! The training is available to a select number of aspirants by application and a small number of places will be allocated to online students.

Functional Mobility Training

Would you like to get more flexible and mobile yet don't feel classical yoga classes really work for you? Come to our Mobility2Agility classes and find out why this class is our most popular class with both men and women!

Meet the founder of Vital Energy, Ewa Bigio

Prior to entering the health and wellness sector, Ewa had a background in the law (Rudd, Watts & Stone), real estate (Bayleys) and international film sales (Smiley World Media Ltd).

Specialising in Core (Intrinsic Stabilising Sub-System) and Breathing Re-Programming for optimisation of posture and movement mechanics, Ewa has worked with many high performance executives seeking down - regulating strategies to help find balance against stressful workloads. She is trained in both eastern and western health and movement physiology (Yoga Alliance and National Posture Institute of US certification).

She is represented by High Spot Literary and currently working on a non-fiction project about the unfolding health crisis faced by Gen X and Baby Boomer women.

For workshops, team bonding and corporate retreats, please reach out to discuss by email at (see REACH OUT below).


I attended the recent Yoga Fundamentals 5 Week course [by Ewa Bigio] with my husband. I have practiced yoga on and off for about 10 years, in the last few years more in a haphazard fashion. Being in the nursing profession, I really loved the anatomy and physiology of the course that Ewa took us through. For me, it was really important to be able to visualise those muscles that you needed to relax, in addition to those that needed to be activated. Ewa has a vast knowledge of the practice of yoga but also of the human body. I really enjoyed every minute of the course and am so glad that we both did it together.

Gabrielle Lord
Nursing Director
ProCare Health Ltd

I have always wanted to learn and practice yoga but found the mainstream yoga classes daunting as they all seemed to know what they were doing, even the beginner classes. So when Ewa offered a small beginners class to teach us the basics and the correct techniques, I leapt at the opportunity. Ewa is a wonderful teacher. She is patient and takes care to make sure we are using the correct techniques. I have come to understand the names of the poses, the proper techniques and foundations of yoga. This has made it so much more enjoyable and I’ve found my flexibility and strength greatly improved. I also believe it’s helped me get better sleep and given me great stress reduction techniques. I now feel confident that I could attend a mainstream yoga class and follow the instruction without causing harm to myself. However I am continuing with Ewa as I prefer the smaller classes and the attention she gives all the individuals.

Marisa Fong
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